SRP's Shade Tree Program

Sustainable Living with SRP’s 2024 Shade Tree Program

Salt River Project (SRP) is once again offering its shade tree program to its customers across Arizona in 2024. This well-received initiative is central to Arizona’s commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. By participating in this program, SRP customers receive two free shade tree saplings, fostering greener, cooler homes.

The program is launching a series of free virtual workshops on January 25, February 10, and February 24. These informative sessions are designed to educate SRP customers on the best practices for planting and nurturing these trees. An emphasis on the benefits of desert-adapted trees is a key feature of the program. The program highlights their role in reducing cooling costs during the summer and their low water requirements.

At the completion of the workshop, participants will have the chance to select from a range of saplings. The selection includes Native Mesquite, Thornless Mesquite, Palo Verde, Willow Acacia, Desert Willow, and Lilac Chaste.

The program not only contributes to improving air quality and environmental health but also unites the community around the shared objective of sustainable living. The Shade Tree Program remains a cornerstone in enhancing the living environment for its customers. With limited spots available for the January workshop, customers are encouraged to register today at