Mark Freeman speaking with Mesa citizens

Mark Freeman Celebrates National Ag Day at East Mesa Breakfast

In honor of National Agriculture Day, Councilman Mark Freeman invites the community to the East Mesa Farm City Breakfast, an event dedicated to appreciating and understanding the vital role of agriculture in our lives. This breakfast is one of three organized by the Maricopa County Farm Bureau across the county, each offering a unique lineup of speakers, topics, and local leaders.

While similar events are occurring in Buckeye and Phoenix, Mark Freeman will attend the East Mesa breakfast on Tuesday, March 19th, showing his support and commitment to Mesa's agricultural sector. This event is a perfect opportunity for members to engage with county supervisors, discuss hot agricultural topics, and connect with fellow community members passionate about sustainable farming practices.

The East Mesa breakfast will not only celebrate National Agriculture Day but also provide an insightful platform for discussing how Mesa can continue to support and grow its agricultural roots. As a councilman with deep ties to the local farming community, Mark understands the importance of these discussions for the future of Mesa's economy and environmental sustainability.

Join the conversation and learn more about the significance of agriculture in our daily lives. While Mark will say a few words at the East Mesa breakfast, he also acknowledges the West and North breakfasts as vital parts of a broader conversation on agriculture within Maricopa County.

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